Estate Planning

While many people might think of estate planning simply as a means to reduce one’s tax burden, it far more often serves the crucial role of bringing piece of mind to families, even when taxes are not an important consideration.  I seek to develop close, trusting relationships with my clients so that they can feel comfortable both with the quality of my work and with the decisions they make for the benefit of their children and other family members.

Beyond my standard estate planning package – a will, a “pour-over” revocable trust, a general durable power of attorney and health care proxy – I work with my clients to determine if other planning is useful, whether that involves life insurance, adjusting ownership of assets to avoid probate or addressing specific interests of family members.  Ultimately, the goal is to have a comprehensive, yet understandable estate plan that provides for each client’s needs (which may include, yes, tax planning).

Virtually all of my estate planning work is done on a flat fee basis, so that my clients are free to ask questions, schedule meetings, etc. without being “on the clock”.  Specialized real estate work and estate administration is usually handled on a normal hourly basis.